Your Logmore subscription includes the whole service:

What is Logmore Cloud?
Logmore API
. The billing of subscriptions, however, is decided by the amount and types of loggers you have chosen.

You can check your subscriptions in the Cloud by navigating to "Subscriptions" in the left-hand-side navigation bar.

Subscriptions overview


In the "Orders" section you can see all orders you have made through the .

Each batch of loggers you order will be treated as a separate subscriptions, with their own billing dates.

For each order you can see

  • The order date
  • Payment method
  • Total / active amount of loggers
  • Next invoice date and sum

You can also view all your past invoices by clicking "View invoice history"

Managing subscribed loggers

From the "Loggers" tab you can see all loggers which have been activated into your subscriptions. Logger information include:

  • Logger serial number, name and type (which sensors the logger has)
  • Which type of plan the logger is activated into: annual or monthly
  • How much is the cost of the logger annually/monthly
  • Logger's status: Active or deactivated

You can filter loggers by plan type and status by clicking on the arrow next to the search bar. You can search loggers by name and serial number by typing into the search bar.


Deactivating loggers

You can deactivate loggers by right-clicking on them in the table and selecting "Deactivate". You can also deactivate multiple loggers at once by selecting them in the table and clicking "Deactivate" on the red bar which appears at the top of the table.


What does deactivating loggers actually mean?

For annual subscriptions:

  • In order for you to activate the free calibration loggers we can send you annually, you must first deactivate your old loggers to create space into your subscription.
  • Deactivating annually billed loggers does not decrease the annual billing amount. Annual billing is based on the total amount (quota) of loggers you have ordered.

For monthly subscriptions:

  • Monthly billing is based on active logger amounts. If you don't use a particular logger anymore, you can deactivate it from the subscription, and it will cease to cause you costs.
  • After deactivating a logger, you can use it normally until the end of the ongoing calendar month. The logger will still appear on your next monthly invoice (billing is in arrears), and after that it won't appear on the monthly invoices anymore
  • Example: You deactivate a logger on October 25th 2020. The logger will operate normally until November 1st 2020. In the beginning of November you will receive your monthly invoice from October. On the invoice you will find the logger you deactivated. In December, when the invoice for November's loggers is sent to you, the deactivated logger will not be billed anymore.

For both types of subscriptions:

  • Deactivating a logger will stop it from saving measurements into the Cloud. The last day the logger functions normally is the current billing cycle's ending date (for monthly subscriptions it means the ending of the ongoing calendar month).

Cancelling annual subscription

As explained above, deactivating annually billed loggers does not affect billing. If you wish to cancel your annual subscription (or individual loggers from it) please contact support@logmore.com